Kevin Tien

Graduate Research Assistant


M.S: Electrical Engineering – 2013  
  Columbia University  
B.Eng: Electrical Engineering (math minor) – 2012  
  The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Kevin’s research interest is in high performance, large-scale mixed-signal circuit/system design that leverages bleeding-edge interconnect, packaging, and semiconductor technologies.

Kevin joined the Bioelectronic Systems Lab in 2012 and is currently focusing on the development of fully integrated voltage regulators in both silicon and hybrid GaN-Si systems. The work focuses on buck regulators using custom integrated magnetic back-end stacks, and investigates 3D interconnections for stacked interfacing with the loads under regulation, allowing for fast dynamic supply modulation. The loads range from highly heterogeneous multi-core/accelerator processors with DVFS capabilities to high-efficiency switching power amplifier topologies using supply modulation. Kevin is also involved with investigations of GaN discrete/small-scale integrated devices for kV switchmode power supply applications.

Prior to this work, Kevin has been involved in research in visible light communications,, ultra-low-cost, rugged lighting systems, and fully parallelised hashing algorithms at The Cooper Union; 3D cQED architectures for quantum computing at TU Delft; and OTFT-based sensors at Stanford. He has held intern positions at Ferric Inc., IBM Research (power electronics) and AT&T Labs (optical network control/monitoring). He currently holds an appointment as adjunct instructor of electrical engineering at The Cooper Union, and holds an IBM PhD fellowship.

Kevin is also interested in historical analogue circuit design, British comedy, and working pictures of kitty cats into his IC designs.